Micro Business Development

200451597-001Micro Business programs achieve:

  •  Job Creation
  • Community Development
  • Self-Sufficiency
  • An alternative to Public Assistance
  • Dreams

Mission Statement

To create self-employment opportunities that will enable low income residents of the counties of Hancock, Hardin, Wyandot and Putnam to improve their living conditions and become self-sufficient.

Micro Business Training

The Micro Business Training program is a 39 hour, hands-on training that is offered in 13 weeks.  The classes are offered in the Spring and Fall. HHWP CAC’s next Micro Business development program begins September 28, 2017.
Participants will meet on Thursdays from 5:45 pm to 8:45 pm at the Findlay-Hancock County Chamber of Commerce – 123 E. Main Cross St. in Findlay.
The first session is free. Pre-enrollment is required.

The course includes:

  • Business plan development
  • How to capitalize the business
  • Marketing on a shoe-string budget
  • Record keeping
  • How to understand business finances
  • Business and legal forms, business cards, signs
  • Product and Service pricing

The course fees are on a sliding scale, based on household income.

Revolving Loan Fund

Access to capital is important to business development, maintenance, and expansion. Typically low to moderate income participants do not have access to banks due to poor credit histories and lack of equity. They tend to not qualify for traditional bank loans or the amount to borrow is too small. We can help! Just ask.

Micro Business

  • Has become an increasingly important community development tool, as it empowers individuals to create their own employment opportunities
  • Affords individuals with limited options the opportunity to capitalize on their skills and ideas through their own businesses
  • Includes entities with the following characteristics:
    • Employees up to five individuals
    • Requires a small amount in start-up capital
    • Lack of access to the traditional commercial banking sector

Is a viable alternative to alleviating poverty. These programs provide valuable financial and business development services to people experiencing employment barriers.

HHWP CAC has been part of assisting people in Hancock, Hardin, Wyandot and Putnam counties build wealth and accumulate assets for their respective counties.

Many small and home-based businesses and welfare-to-work self-employment efforts, most of which are sole proprietorships, are categorized as Micro Business.

These businesses make up a sizeable share of our overall business count. In fact, businesses with 1 to 4 employees account for 54.2% of all businesses in the United States and 49.2% of Ohio businesses.

For more information contact:

Micro Business Program
122 Jefferson Street
Findlay, Ohio 45840

Tom Meyers
Micro Business Manager
Email: tmeyers@hhwpcac.com
Phone: (419) 423-3755
Fax:  (419) 422-3996

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