Mission and Values

Our Mission

The mission of HHWP Community Action Commission is to reduce the conditions of poverty by providing comprehensive services to improve lives.

To accomplish our mission, HHWP CAC collects and analyzes data on the nature of poverty and the existing resources in the area. HHWP CAC involves public and private agencies, as well as the population to be served, in developing action plans to address needed services. These activities often include helping other agencies to improve and expand their services and assisting with the development of new organizations. HHWP CAC will seek out governmental and private resources to initiate and administer innovative programs in such areas as employment, education, housing development, transportation, health, emergency needs, food/nutrition, advocacy, etc.

Our Values

Advocacy - We will passionately use our collective voice to support resource allocation and programming that reduces poverty and directly impacts local lives in positive ways.

Professionalism – We seek to do our jobs well - with skill, good judgment, and polite behavior.

Compassion – We are highly aware of the distress in our community and desire to alleviate it. We operate with a genuine concern for others.

Respect – We believe in showing appreciation and admiration for the people we serve and the community at-large.

Dedication – We are wholeheartedly committed to helping our neighbors with low and moderate incomes to overcome immediate hardships and achieve long-term successes.