Programs and Services

HHWP CAC offers a wide variety of programs and services that aim to reduce the conditions of poverty and improve lives. Our programming often changes as the needs of the people in our service area and our funding streams change.

Our Resource Center

The online Resource Center is a comprehensive source of information about HHWP CAC and their partners. It provides families, caretakers, individuals and our community with the tools, information and guidance they need.

Visit One of Our Many Locations

Our nonprofit corporation created in 1965 to combat poverty in our service area employs over 160 individuals at 7 locations across the Ohio area. Visit or contact one of our locations today!

Come Work for Us

It's an exciting time to work for HHWP CAC. We're growing and developing all the time and need new people with fresh ideas and a great attitude join our team. Contact our HR department today.

Success stories:

  • Testimonial #8
    Female, HEAP Participant

    I am having surgery next week and the stress between surgery and my disconnect notices was way too much.  My caseworker, Jessica, explained she was going to stop both electric and gas disconnects and pay off the gas bill with Columbia Gas Fuel Funds.  I was so excited I could hardly sit still during the rest of the appointment.  Now, I can go to my surgery without worrying so much!...

  • Testimonial #7
    HATS rider, Hancock County

    You provide my only source of transportation....

  • Testimonial #6
    Rita, Case Management participant

    Thank you for your patience and assistance!...

  • Testimonial #5
    Parent of child in Head Start

    I love the Head Start Program.  I plan on sending all my children.  The teachers are amazing and very invested in my whole family!"...

  • Testimonial #3
    Findlay Male
    Needed emergency help with a water bill disconnect notice

    I appreciate the help from Community Action Commission....

  • Testimonial #2
    Mother, Hardin County

    I really like the WIC program. It helps with providing things for my baby and also encouragement from some friendly women as well. These women are true blessings and so is this program. May the Lord bless everyone involved with this program because it has been a real blessing for my family....

  • Testimonial #1
    Judy, Wyandot County

    The weatherization team and inspectors took us through the process really well. My home is warmer and insulated great! I’m extremely happy with all they’ve done on our trailer and for our knowledge. I’d refer this team of workers any time.  They went above and beyond for us....