Mobility Management

Mobility Management offers free travel training tailored to specific needs and helps riders to:

· Plan trips

· Ride specific routes

· Get to and from a destination

· Recognize bus numbers and landmarks

· Purchase their own passes

· Get on and off the bus safely

· Use the lift or ramp to board with a mobility device

· Cross the street safely

· Travel independently and confidently on all transit options   

Our Mobility Manager is available to provide one-on-one planning for transportation goals and needs. She can assist in planning how to get to medical appointments, the pharmacy, grocery store, work and more!

Who is eligible for Mobility Management services?

Anyone nine years of age or older including seniors and persons with disabilities.

Contact us to discuss a ride along!  We can teach riders how to schedule rides and may be able to come along as a companion for the first trip to help demonstrate how easy it is to utilize public transportation services.