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Maintenance Technician


Posted 4/6/2023

HHWP Community Action Commission, a local non-profit in Findlay, is looking for a full-time Maintenance Technician within our Home Weatherization Assistance Program (HWAP). The ideal candidate will be responsible for performing routine preventative maintenance and repair procedures on Agency buildings, properties, and equipment. This position is full time working 40 hours per week with a rotation of on-call weekends necessary. The starting wage is $19.00/hour

Position Requirements and Application Process

Overall Requirement:

Must be sensitive to the needs of low-income individuals and able to work with individuals
of all cultural backgrounds and ages. Must adhere to the values of the HHWP CAC including Advocacy, Professionalism,
and Partnership. Must be committed to the Agency’s mission to reduce poverty by providing comprehensive services to improve lives.


  • Two years of experience in construction, remodeling/repair, or general maintenance preferred.
  • Formal training in electrical, HVAC, plumbing, or carpentry is preferred.
  •  Must be sensitive to the needs of low-income individuals and able to work with individuals of all cultural backgrounds and ages

Physical Requirement:

  •  Ability to read and comprehend simple instructions, short correspondence, and memos.
  • Ability to write legibly in completing required documentation or written communication.
  • Ability to interpret written installation instructions and drawings.
  •  Ability to add, subtract, multiply, and divide into various construction units of measure,
  • Ability to
    convert/compute rate, ratio, and percentages.
  • Ability to stand, bend at the waist, crouch, crawl, and balance for extended periods of time. 
  • Must be able to climb ladders to a height of 30 feet
  •  Must be able to work in crawl/enclosed spaces
  •  Must be able to work in various weather conditions
  • Ability to work in dusty or dirty conditions
  • Ability to lift/carry up to 50 pounds
  • Able to drive for moderate periods of time
  • Able to work unsupervised

Application Process:

Applications must be completed along with a letter of interest. Applications may be obtained from HHWP CAC or at Completed packages or additional information requests may be emailed to Equal Opportunity Employer.

Maintenance Technician

Apply Online

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